York Minster

Capturing the essence of York Minster 

In the Spring of 2018, York Minster came to the end of a three-year heritage project reviewing the Minster’s collection and how they could use it to engage the local community. I was asked to design and evaluation report that imbued the essence of the Minster.

Project outcomes

York Minster is now positioned as the authority in collections projects across the UK

British cathedrals are empowered with the information they need to undergo their own collections projects

Maximising social value is now a core objective for all projects at the Minster

brochure design & branding creation
engaging brochure design
creating branded marketing material using surrounding inspiration
engaging new customers through effective and powerful graphic design
graphic design that works with the brand

What I did

Evaluation report design
Communication design
Photo direction


Francesco Mariani – Document photography
Taylor Nisbet – Research + copywriting