Taylor Nisbet

Tripling turnover by leading with the brand’s positive impact

Project outcomes

Tripled yearly turnover in less than 18 months

Quadrupled the price of the average project the business delivered

Created a consistent brand style that showed the value to potential clients

Steadily growing enquiries from national third sector organisations

Taylor Nisbet is a business consultancy working with social enterprises. It delivers six services, with projects consisting of research, writing and designing reports. It competes in a busy market of experienced organisations with longstanding client relationships. In 2018 I was asked to work with the company to develop the brand and enable it reach the next stage of its growth.



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In defining the brand, I produced three adjectives – interested, enthusiastic and effective. Though Taylor Nisbet had always been these things, the outside world couldn’t see it. The company had to be seen to be doing.

I hired a Digital Creative (he chose his own title) and directed him to follow the Managing Director and capture the story of the projects. We shared the photos and videos on the company’s social channels to show the scale and breadth of the work the company was doing.

The high quality media contributed to the high value image of the brand I was creating.

What I did

Brand identity
Brand strategy
Business strategy
Marketing strategy
Project management
Tone of voice
Document design
Website design
Art direction
Document design
Web design


Antoine Couturier – Photography
Francesco Mariani – Document photography
Taylor Nisbet – Research

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