Taylor Nisbet

Tripling turnover by leading with the brand’s positive impact

Project outcomes

Tripled yearly turnover in less than 18 months

Quadrupled the price of the average project the business delivered

Created a consistent brand style that showed the value to potential clients

Steadily growing enquiries from national third sector organisations

Taylor Nisbet is a business consultancy working with social enterprises. It delivers six services, with projects consisting of research, writing and designing reports. It competes in a busy market of experienced organisations with longstanding client relationships. In 2018 I was asked to work with the company to develop the brand and enable it reach the next stage of its growth.


A client survey showed clients could not define what Taylor Nisbet did and thought it was expensive. The company’s online presence needed information about how its services worked.

Researching the target audience, I found, in the 2015 and 2017 Social Enterprise Censuses, Scottish social enterprises identified their top concerns as:

  • A lack of capacity to develop trading potential
  • Insecure grant funding
  • Increasing costs

A business owner, with decreasing funds and no capacity to develop a solution, will not pay for something they can’t define and don’t value. By showing the value – the positive end results – of the work Taylor Nisbet does, defining it from its competition and making it known to its target market, I could make it a company that social enterprises aspire to work with.

    To address the issues the research identified, I:

    • Created a brand image that matched the personality of the business
    • Brought the impact and value of the work to the core of the brand’s messaging
    • Defined the company from its competition by showcasing its designs
    • Built trust with potential clients by showing the company as an expert in its field

    I defined the brand’s verbal and visual style to show the personality and positivity of the people behind the company. I branded key places people were going to find information on the company. I created branded templates for Word and PowerPoint so the team could maintain a consistent style. The new image made the company look experienced and showed it to be trustworthy, reliable and professional.

    Impact is the main purpose of social enterprises. They generate income and use it to create positive change in their communities. Talking the language of impact allowed me to overcome the challenge of explaining how Taylor Nisbet’s six services work.

    I directed the team to create case studies that showed the value behind projects. They explained how each project’s solution answered the original problem. The reader can now understand how the company’s services turn into impact and why that is valuable.

    Competitor research showed Taylor Nisbet was almost unique in offering design as a service. Client feedback validated the decision, as post project follow-up often leads with ‘it looks great!’. To define the company in the market, I used photography and animation to present the company’s projects, showcasing the designs alongside the impact led case studies. This gave the brand the high value image it needed.

    In defining the brand, I produced three adjectives – interested, enthusiastic and effective. Though Taylor Nisbet had always been these things, the outside world couldn’t see it. The company had to be seen to be doing.

    I hired a Digital Creative (he chose his own title) and directed him to follow the Managing Director and capture the story of the projects. We shared the photos and videos on the company’s social channels to show the scale and breadth of the work the company was doing.

    The high quality media contributed to the high value image of the brand I was creating.

    To reinforce the value behind what the company did, I created a series of workshops based on its six services. Participants saw what the company does, how it works and how it leads to the results they want. The workshops cost £250 to promote and run, they directly led to a £3,000 project and several opportunities to collaborate with organisations on Taylor Nisbet’s target list. A success by any measure.

    The image I was creating was successful. The average cost of a project increased and in January 2019 the company agreed projects for the year ahead that doubled the income on the previous year. Taylor Nisbet had a professional image backed up by the evidence of its impact. It had moved to a new location in Glasgow’s city centre surrounded by third sector businesses and the team are delivering projects from Aberdeen to York.

    I am grateful to Taylor Nisbet for the opportunity to help them grow and I wish them the best in the future. If you would like my help in developing your business or you’d like to find out more about my work with Taylor Nisbet, email me at craig@craigmcfarlane.co.uk.

    What I did

    Brand identity
    Brand strategy
    Business strategy
    Marketing strategy
    Project management
    Tone of voice
    Document design
    Website design
    Art direction
    Document design
    Web design


    Antoine Couturier – Photography
    Francesco Mariani – Document photography
    Taylor Nisbet – Research